What's about Mindsers Shop ?

MindsersIT, my company (Nathanaël Cherrier speaking), is meant to help developers. I used to create useful content for developers on Mindsers Blog and on Mindsers Live. The goal is to help developers grow as developers but also as people, as entrepreneur, as content creator or just as the person they want to be.

So, why Mindsers Shop?

Mindsers Shop follow the same goals and objectives as other MindsersIT's initiatives. I strongly believe that Mindsers Shop can help developers by giving them access to better products made for them.

I am a developer, and I found myself wondering if the pretty t-shirt and the other goodies I got at that conference was respectful of the earth, if it was made in good conditions, etc. 

Today, being a better person also mean being ethic, thinking about society and the sustainability of our world. But it is hard to find product which respect our planet, respect the society while being beautiful and made for developers.

Mindsers Shop is here to help find something you want to have on your desk or something you enjoy to wear while coding your next big project.

You will like it. The producer will like it. And the earth will like it.